About Us

Southwestern Centre for Research and PhD Studies was established in 2010 by a group of academicians and researchers as one of the independent institutions of Southwestern Foundation. The Foundation is dedicated on promotion of research based education and promoting the academic and applied research by establishing research hubs through the global networks and collaboration. Since its inception the Centre has been connecting researchers globally through conducting the joint research, conferences on burning issues, training, exposure, publishing journals, networking with different national and international Universities and government and other development agencies.

The vision of the Centre is to promote the academic and research to solve real-world problems for sustainable development.

The mission of the Centre is to inspire society and the world through discovering, applying and sharing knowledge by conducting policy and programmatic research, academic study and building human capacity.

The main objective of the Centre is to carry out the research and academic activities on the contemporary issues related to national development and advancement of society. The Centre aims to develop human resources for research and policy making.

Focal Areas
The major focal areas of the Centre are related to developing human capacity and technological knowhow on several areas through research, training and PhD study.